Dr. Michael Theulen Represented Golden Bears on Fundraising Panel at Springfield College

Dr. Michael Theulen Represented Golden Bears on Fundraising Panel at Springfield College
SPRINGFIELD, Mass.--Western New England University Director of Athletics Dr. Michael Theulen took part in a panel discussion at the NCAA Division III Athletics Development Conference held on Friday at Springfield College. The other scheduled presenters included Cathie Schweitzer and Henry Long of host Springfield as moderators, Bridget Belgiovine and Tina Furdon of Wellesley College, Aaron E. Kelton from Williams College and Darren Bennett with Skidmore College.

The panel discussion titled "My" and "Our" Program: Fundraising Perspectives of the Athletic Director and Head Coach focused on what the expectations are when it comes to athletics development. Directors often are concerned with the "big picture" and coaches are focused on the individual team, as attendees heard from both sides as about the pros and cons for both.

The session was meant to provide context to both the "big picture" and "individual team" needs and how they can be at odds with one another as well as complement each other.

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