Sharianne Walker
Team: Contributor
Induction Class of: 2012

Sharianne Walker joined the Western New England faculty in 1996 and served as the chairperson and principal author of the Study of Athletics that was published in 1997. That report led to significant changes in the administration of Golden Bears athletics, including the hiring of full-time coaches and improved facilities, to enhance the student-athlete experience. Sharianne also serves as the athletics department’s NCAA Faculty Representative and has been the Faculty Fellow for the men’s soccer program for the past eight seasons. She has traveled to Europe with men’s soccer  three times while teaching a course in Culture and International Sport. A native of Florence, Massachusetts, Sharianne also is the chairperson of the Western New England Athletics Council. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English at Smith College and both her master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Sport Management at the University of Massachusetts.