Downes Athletic Hall of Fame

The Western New England's Downes Athletic Hall of Fame is named in honor of Coach William A. (Bill) Downes who was among the inaugural class inducted in 1999.

For more information, please call the Athletics Department at (413) 782-1202.

Introduction videos for Downes Athletic Hall of Famers began in 2017. 

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Induction Class of 2017

Name Class Year Sport
2007 Men's Lacrosse Team ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio 2007 Men's Lacrosse Team 2007 Men's Lacrosse
Bruce & Lisa Bachmann full bio Bruce & Lisa Bachmann ‘83/G ‘90 Contributors
Jackie Shedlock Kapusta full bio Jackie Shedlock Kapusta 2005 Softball
Justin Walz full bio Justin Walz 2010 Baseball/Football

Induction Class of 2016

Name Class Year Sport
Mark Bergey full bio Mark Bergey 2006 Men's Lacrosse
Jennifer Dabrowski Hover full bio Jennifer Dabrowski Hover 2008 Women's Basketball
Mike Flynn full bio Mike Flynn 1982, '83 G Contributor
Laurie Matochik Devaney full bio Laurie Matochik Devaney 1986 Softball, Volleyball
Nicole Poli full bio Nicole Poli 2011 Women's Lacrosse/Women's Soccer
Scott Thornton full bio Scott Thornton 2005 Men's Soccer

Induction Class of 2015

Name Class Year Sport
Donald Barsalou full bio Donald Barsalou 1985 Men's Soccer
Kevin Bennison full bio Kevin Bennison 2003 Men's Golf
Jonathon Godbout full bio Jonathon Godbout 2006 Men's Basketball
Ashley Hemler full bio Ashley Hemler 2008 Women's Volleyball
Kristin Hensinger full bio Kristin Hensinger 2007 Women's Soccer
Paul Winkler full bio Paul Winkler 2003 Men's Golf

Induction Class of 2014

Name Class Year Sport
Stephen Sugermeyer full bio Stephen Sugermeyer 1978 Wrestling
Michael Raymond full bio Michael Raymond 2002 Men's Tennis
Elena Massa-Musiak full bio Elena Massa-Musiak 2004 Women's Swimming
Kristy Kehoss full bio Kristy Kehoss 2006 Softball
Gary Crowley full bio Gary Crowley 1994 Men's Cross Country
Adam Cherry full bio Adam Cherry 2007 Men's Lacrosse

Induction Class of 2013

Name Class Year Sport
Booker Lester full bio Booker Lester 1990 Football, Men's Lacrosse, Wrestling
Allison Jameson full bio Allison Jameson 2007 Field Hockey
David Hendrickson full bio David Hendrickson 1988 Men's Soccer
Jason Connolly full bio Jason Connolly 2006 Baseball
Jamie Lee Carney Platt full bio Jamie Lee Carney Platt 2003 Women's Basketball, Women's Cross Country, Women's Lacrosse
Donna Blackburn full bio Donna Blackburn 1986 Women's Basketball

Induction Class of 2012

Name Class Year Sport
Sharianne Walker full bio Sharianne Walker   Contributor
Kevin Savage full bio Kevin Savage 2002 Men’s Lacrosse
Kristen Ogulewicz Falcone full bio Kristen Ogulewicz Falcone 2002 Women’s Soccer
Jennifer Mikulec Wheelock full bio Jennifer Mikulec Wheelock 2002 Field Hockey, Women’s Lacrosse
Kevin Leonard full bio Kevin Leonard 2005 Men’s Hockey
Chuck Africano full bio Chuck Africano 2012 Wrestling

Induction Class of 2011

Name Class Year Sport
Kyle Snurkowski full bio Kyle Snurkowski 2001 Baseball
Ed Sandifer full bio Ed Sandifer   Men's Cross-Country Coach
Don Nault full bio Don Nault 1981 Men's Soccer
Bill Moge full bio Bill Moge 1976 Football
Adrieene Brevetti full bio Adrieene Brevetti 2005 Women's Tennis
Joanne Bovat full bio Joanne Bovat   Contributor
Kelli Arsenault full bio Kelli Arsenault 2005 Women's Swimming

Induction Class of 2010

Name Class Year Sport
Tim Sullivan full bio Tim Sullivan 1981 Wrestling
Ryan Nolan full bio Ryan Nolan 1997 Men's Lacrosse
2005 Men's Soccer Team full bio 2005 Men's Soccer Team 2005 Men's Soccer
Norm Leclerc full bio Norm Leclerc   Contributor
Marvin Langley full bio Marvin Langley 2003 Football
Brenda (Post) Killebrew full bio Brenda (Post) Killebrew 2003 Women's Volleyball

Induction Class of 2009

Name Class Year Sport
Eric Stewart full bio Eric Stewart 2001 Men's Basketball
Shannon Romach full bio Shannon Romach 2004 Field Hockey, Women's Lacrosse
Doug Pearson full bio Doug Pearson   Men's Basketball Coach
Erin Marino full bio Erin Marino 2001 Women's Basketball

Induction Class of 2008

Name Class Year Sport
2003 Softball Team full bio 2003 Softball Team 2003 Softball
Ron Dias full bio Ron Dias   Women's Soccer Coach
Marcie Bruder full bio Marcie Bruder 2003 Softball

Induction Class of 2007

Name Class Year Sport
William (Bill) Simpson full bio William (Bill) Simpson 1996 Wrestling
Shannon Phillips full bio Shannon Phillips 2000 Women's Volleyball
David Baumann full bio David Baumann 1990 Baseball
Scott Aitken full bio Scott Aitken 1990 Men's Lacrosse

Induction Class of 2006

Name Class Year Sport
Brian Trelease full bio Brian Trelease 1967 Contributor
Eileen Monaghan-Brooks full bio Eileen Monaghan-Brooks 1997 Women's Basketball, Women's Soccer
Edwin (Eddy) Lindsay full bio Edwin (Eddy) Lindsay 1978 Men's Soccer
Bryan Hanson full bio Bryan Hanson 2001 Men's Tennis

Induction Class of 2005

Name Class Year Sport
John Steurer full bio John Steurer 1984 Baseball, Men's Basketball
Michael (Mike) Roach full bio Michael (Mike) Roach 1999 Football
Anthony Caprio full bio Anthony Caprio   Contributor
Emily Alland full bio Emily Alland 1999 Women's Swimming

Induction Class of 2004

Name Class Year Sport
Anthony (Tony) Pio full bio Anthony (Tony) Pio 1979 Men's Soccer
Kevin McCaskill full bio Kevin McCaskill 1984 Men's Basketball
Gary LaPerle full bio Gary LaPerle 1975 Baseball, Men's Soccer
Joel Castleman full bio Joel Castleman 1987 Men's Lacrosse Coach
Kathryn (Kate) Brunelle-Roman full bio Kathryn (Kate) Brunelle-Roman 1999 Women's Soccer
Sebastian (Sebby) Amato full bio Sebastian (Sebby) Amato 1984 Wrestling

Induction Class of 2003

Name Class Year Sport
1998 Women's Soccer Team full bio 1998 Women's Soccer Team 1998 Women's Soccer
Phil Sweeney full bio Phil Sweeney   Men's Tennis Coach
Roma St. George-Knapton full bio Roma St. George-Knapton 1983 Softball, Women's Basketball
Brian Kelliher full bio Brian Kelliher 1994 Football
Peter Harris full bio Peter Harris 1979 Men's Basketball
Tony Aguiar full bio Tony Aguiar 1969 Men's Soccer

Induction Class of 2002

Name Class Year Sport
Brian Solomon full bio Brian Solomon 1984 Wrestling
Gary Solomon full bio Gary Solomon 1986 Wrestling
Patrick (Pat) Ricci full bio Patrick (Pat) Ricci   Baseball Coach
Alan Fabian full bio Alan Fabian 1989 Baseball
Joy Clark full bio Joy Clark 1995 Women's Basketball, Women's Soccer
Peter Black full bio Peter Black 1987 Men's Lacrosse

Induction Class of 2001

Name Class Year Sport
Robert (Bob) Skelton full bio Robert (Bob) Skelton   Wrestling
Lori Mayhew full bio Lori Mayhew 1995 Softball
Bruce Hambro full bio Bruce Hambro 1974 Baseball
Kim Coia full bio Kim Coia 1995 Women's Basketball
Steven Byrne full bio Steven Byrne 1991 Men's Ice Hockey
Richard (Dick) Burns full bio Richard (Dick) Burns   Bowling Coach

Induction Class of 2000

Name Class Year Sport
1975 Men's Soccer Team full bio 1975 Men's Soccer Team 1975 Men's Soccer
Jane Marjanski Parenteau full bio Jane Marjanski Parenteau 1986 Women's Basketball
David Eisenberg full bio David Eisenberg 1986 Baseball
Rodney Butler full bio Rodney Butler 1971 Men's Basketball
Jim Bedard full bio Jim Bedard 1983 Football
Henry (Hank) Bazan full bio Henry (Hank) Bazan   Football Coach

Induction Class of 1999

Name Class Year Sport
Mark Staropoli full bio Mark Staropoli 1975 Men's Soccer
Rodney Smith full bio Rodney Smith 1988 Wrestling
George Jerman full bio George Jerman 1973 Men's Basketball
Keith Fagan full bio Keith Fagan 1989 Football
Arthur William "Red" Downes full bio Arthur William "Red" Downes   Baseball, Men's Basketball, Golf, and Men's Soccer.
Margaret Apanell full bio Margaret Apanell 1983 Field Hockey