Western New England Women's Soccer Preseason Italy Trip: Blog 1

Western New England Women's Soccer Preseason Italy Trip: Blog 1

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (August 7, 2017) - The Western New England University women's soccer team is currently in Italy for a twelve-day preseason trip that includes sightseeing and a pair of exhibition matches. Senior forward Brooke Labrie details the team's first few days below. 

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Italy has been great to us so far! Our first two days were spent exploring Rome and the first day we were able to visit Vatican City, where we toured the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica. Our second day in Rome started off with an early morning training session in the lovely 100-something degree heat. Following that, we spent the rest of our day touring our favorite attraction, the Colosseum. Here we learned about where the gladiators who consisted of slaves and prisoners used to fight for other's entertainment.

Our third day we traveled to Florence for a guided tour throughout the popular city. During the tour, we were able to see the Duomo and the Statue of David, amongst other famous sites. In Florence, we were all very successful with shopping for clothes, purses and wallets.

Everyone has been thoroughly enjoying the beginning of our adventures throughout Italy. We have been lucky to stay at such beautiful hotels with very accommodating staff. All of us have been able to eat plenty of pizza, pasta, and most importantly gelato. The options are endless! We are all very excited to continue this journey throughout the entire country. 

Ciao Bella! 

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